Black V is an NFT marketplace primarily focused on PFP projects. With this partnership, Goatz Club NFT will receive exclusive features on Black V:

  • Featured Page: Goatz Club will have its own dedicated featured page on Black V.
  • Main Page Spotlight: A spot in the friends and partners section on our main page.
  • Hero Banner: A special placement in the hero banner.
  • Seamless Trading Experience: Black V will provide Goatz holders with a seamless trading experience, NFT integration on Goatz's own website, and more!

Turtle Labs

Turtle Labs is an all-in-one DeFi solution offering various tools and services:

  • Token Launchpad: For new token launches.
  • Token Staking Dashboards: For managing staking.
  • Decentralized Exchange: And more DeFi-focused tools.

With this partnership, Turtle Labs will:

  • Develop a $MILK Staking Dashboard: To provide Goatz Club members with staking opportunities.
  • Priority Spot for $MILK: Inside Turtle Swap.
  • Enhanced DeFi Tools: To further increase the utility of the $MILK token.


FlipGuard offers a one-stop shop for Crypto/NFT enthusiasts looking for tools, games, and other useful applications to boost community engagement and generate alternative revenue streams.

Multi-chain tools and many more.